Transmedia, Hollywood 3 Video Re-cap

Opening Comments/Panel #1: “Realigned Work Worlds: Hollywood/Silicon Valley/Madison Avenue

Moderator: Denise Mann, UCLA


  • Nick Childs, Executive Creative Director, Fleishman Hillard
  • Jennifer Holt, co-Director, Media Industries Project, UCSB
  • Lee Hunter, Global Head of Marketing, YouTube
  • Jordan Levin, CEO, Generate

Panel #2: Creative Economies: Commercial vs. State Based Models

Moderator: Laurie Baird, Strategic Consultant – Media and Entertainment at Georgia Tech Institute for People and Technology.


  • Jesse Albert, Producer & Consultant in Film, Television, Digital Media, Live Events & Branded Content
  • Morgan Bouchet, Vice-President, Transmedia and Social Media, Content Division, Orange
  • Christy Dena, Director, Universe Creation 101
  • Sara Diamond, President, Ontario College of Art and Design University
  • Mauricio Mota, Chief Storytelling Officer, Co-founder of The Alchemists

Panel #3: Working on the Margins: Who Pays for Transformative Works of Art?

Moderator: Denise Mann, UCLA.


  • Tara Tiger Brown, Freelance Interactive Producer/Product Manager
  • Mike Farah, President of Production, Funny Or DIe
  • Ted Hope, Producer/Partner/Founder, Double Hope Films
  • Sheila C. Murphy, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Panel #4: How Comics Fit into the Transmedia Ecology

Moderator: Geoffrey Long, Lead Narrative Producer for the Narrative Design Team at Microsoft Studios.


  • Katherine Keller, Culture Vultures Editrix at Sequential Tart
  • Joe LeFavi, Quixotic Transmedia
  • Mike Richardson, President, Dark Horse Comics
  • Mark Verheiden, Writer (Falling Skies, Heroes)
  • Mary Vogt, Costume Designer (Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Men In Black)

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