Transmedia Hollywood 3

Transmedia, Hollywood is a series of annual one-day public symposiums that explore the role of transmedia franchises in today’s entertainment industries. Transmedia, Hollywood 3 turned the spotlight on media creators, producers and executives, placing them in critical dialogue with top researchers from across a wide spectrum of film, media and cultural studies. The result was an interdisciplinary summit for the free interchange of insights about how transmedia works and what it means. Transmedia, Hollywood was co-created and is hosted by Denise Mann, Head of UCLA’s Producers program, and Henry Jenkins, from USC (absent from the proceedings due to a medical emergency). The lively discussion in the Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre at USC was a bracing example of intellectual collaboration between two great universities.

Welcome and Opening remarks: Denise Mann

Panel One: “Realigned Work Worlds: Hollywood/Silicon Valley/Madison Avenue”

Moderator: Denise Mann

  • Nick Childs, Executive Creative Director, Fleishman Hillard
  • Jennifer Holt, Co-director, Media Industries Project, UCSB/li>
  • Lee Hunter, Global head of Marketing, YouTube
  • Jordon Levin, CEO, Generate

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Panel Two: “Creative Economies: Commercial vs. State-Based Models”

Moderator: Laurie Baird, Georgia Tech

  • Morgan Bouchet, Vice President, Transmedia and Social Media, Orange
  • Sara Diamond, President, Ontario College of Art & Design University
  • Christy Dana, Director, Universe Creation 101
  • Jessie Albert, CEO, Generate
  • Mauricio Mora

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Panel Three: “Working on the Margins: Who Pays for Transformative Works of Art?”

Moderator: Denise Mann

  • Tara Tiger Brown, Freelance Interactive Producer/Product Manager
  • Mike Farah, President of Production, Funny or Die
  • Ted Hope, Producer/Partner/Founder, Double Hope Films
  • Sheila C. Murphy, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

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Panel Four: “How Comics Fit Into the Transmedia Economy”

Moderator: Geoffrey Long

  • Katherine Keller, Culture Vultures Editrix, Sequential Tart
  • Joe LeFavi, Quixotic Transmedia
  • Mike Richardson, President, Dark Horse Comics
  • Mark Verheiden, Writer, Falling Skies, Heroes
  • Mary Vogt, Costume Designer, Men in Balck, , President, Dark Horse Comics

Proudly presented by the Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation