5 Big Ideas From TH5 Panel 1: Creators Reinventing TV for the Digital Age

If you don’t have time to re-watch TH5 Panel 1, “Creators Who are Reinventing TV for the Digital Future,” catch our run-down of 5 big ideas from that conversation.

1. “To a certain degree, YouTube is program television. Their fans know exactly when, what time, the creators are uploading content.” LARRY SHAPIRO, HEAD OF TALENT, FULLSCREEN


2. “Geek and Sundry has always seen the digital space as separate from television because we are able to tell stories that are not being told on television. What’s happened in the last couple years is they’re really not that separate and they’re starting to converge.” SHERI BRYANT, PRODUCER & CO-FOUNDER, GEEK & SUNDRY


3. “Because short-form content works so well on YouTube, you can start to think about short-form content incubating other types of content where the focus isn’t how do we monetize this on YouTube, but are we using this to create a brand, or reinvigorate a brand, which then a traditional media company can take out.” ALLEN DEBEVOISE, CHAIRMAN & CO-FOUNDER, MACHINIMA


4. “I was in a meeting at WME with a 16 year old and a 19 year old who make Vines. I won’t go into the deal points, but when I went home I made sure my 12 year old downloaded Vine and starting Vining. When you add up all of the content one of these Viners has made in his entire life, it totals 22 minutes. These kids are so powerful. They’re commanding an extreme amount of money. Madison Avenue is just throwing money at them.” LARRY SHAPIRO, HEAD OF TALENT, FULLSCREEN

5. “The economics are the barrier moving forward. The technology is there. The creativity is there. But if I were in the television industry…the question of how we are paying for it is really starting to raise its head here.” AMANDA LOTZ, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

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