Sean Carasso

Sean-CarassoAn avid adventurer, Sean left college early to travel the world with entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria and with every step wanted to see more. In 2008 he went to South Africa on a shoe drop and then traveled north, ultimately ending up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There he met 5 boys in a military encampment. One boy told him that the children too small to carry a gun had been sent to the frontlines of war, armed with only a whistle. In response he wrote a small journal called Falling Whistles and sent it to about 80 friends and family. They forwarded it around the world and he woke up to thousands of emails asking – what can we do?

Beginning with just $5, a symbol, and a dream worth everything, Sean and his friends launched a campaign for peace in Congo out of their garage in Los Angeles. 4 years later Falling Whistles has invested in 8 Congolese visionaries rebuilding their communities, and is building a coalition to end our world’s deadliest war. He continues to push the boundaries of adventure and dreams of a free world. These topics are inevitably intertwined in his writing, speaking and conversations.

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