Mahyad Tousi

Mahyad-TousiA frequent speaker on the shifting paradigm of storytelling and the convergence of entertainment, education, and technology, entrepreneur Mahyad Tousi is a Brooklyn based creative producer, cinematographer, and self-proclaimed story junkie. He has worked in 35 countries across five continents in a variety of formats, genres, and traditions. His resume includes Hollywood blockbusters, independent movies, serialized Television programming, fine art videos, interactive comic books, and conflict zone documentaries. In 2006, alongside renowned author and scholar Reza Aslan, he founded a next generation media start up called BoomGen Studios, located in Brooklyn.

BoomGen is a storytelling factory and incubator that sits firmly at the intersection of interactive media, entertainment, and education. Tousi sees the demand for this type of content as a key global trend driven by rapid innovation, the rise of new consumers in the emerging markets, and the effect of technology on the future of education.

Tousi is an architect of story worlds and experiences that unfold across multiple media canvases and related audience engagement campaigns, including interactive mobile/tablet graphic novels and games, educational initiatives, as well as traditional print, feature film, and TV content.

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